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We love food. It’s in our DNA, and inspires
remarkable creativity and innovation.

We’re known for being pioneers who bring new products to market.

Our Story

Established in 1995, Five Star Catering quickly became a leading caterer to film and fortune 500 companies. In 1998, Five Star Gourmet Foods was formed with the goal of becoming a revolutionary large scale food provider. In 2006, Catering Operations were divested to focus solely on large scale food preparation and distribution.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of Fresh Foods to retail, club, schools and food service channels. To provide exceptional value and better for you food solutions, which improve the quality of life for our customers. To provide a work environment where our associates thrive and can fulfill both their personal and professional goals.


Our process is consistent: we carefully plan and prepare fresh, flavorful individual ingredients—crafting our signature salad dressings, simmering sauces, cooking fresh meats and chopping fresh vegetables. The results are distinctive, trend-forward products with a nourishing, satisfying "Simply Fresh" flavor experience!

Our Team

Seasoned culinary professionals and talented minds create a highly motivated team determined to be the best. Research Chefs, Food Scientists, a Dedicated Food Safety Team, Registered Dieticians, Marketing, Sourcing, Retail and Food Service experts are ready to assist with your project. We look forward to serving you.

We are serious about food safety.


A successful food safety culture can be achieved only by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training, and experience. In order to achieve these aims, a robust Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points System (HACCP) has been introduced following a full hazard analysis of all food related operations. All instructions and control mechanisms within HACCP are designed to control any risk to food safety.


Our Quality Assurance personnel are the guardians of Quality, Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance. They promote quality awareness, assess performance and challenge the organization to sustain and improve quality standards. Our Senior Management assumes responsibility for food safety and quality by ensuring adequate organization and support, training and education of all employees, and driving our team’s continuous improvement efforts.


To ensure we are meeting our safety objectives we submit ourselves to rigorous 3rd party audits. The sole focus of these outside agencies is to challenge our practices and ensure that we are following and adhering to established protocols. We are not only evaluated against our own stringent guidelines but also against the industry’s best practices. Since implementing these audits we have ranked in the top 1 % of food producers in the United States.

Our Core Values guide the way we do business.

Passion For Food

As a company founded by a chef we approach things differently than most food companies led by accountants or lawyers. Our focus starts and ends with the food we prepare. Our carefully crafted recipes satisfy and delight our customers—and our team. The secret of our success is to elevate each product in every way we can—and to always please our customers.

Field To Table

Farm to Table is a simple mindset with the most nutritious, satisfying results. We support our amazing growers by buying the freshest, seasonal ingredients for our salads, snacks and entrées. Our proximity to farms on the west and east coasts allows us to gather the best produce daily and have it in our customers hands at its freshest.

Culinary Expertise

Our Certified Executive Chefs and culinary “Olympic team” are the core of our R&D. Their expertise, extensive training and years of kitchen experience in 5-star restaurants translate into impeccable attention to detail. That focus allows us to create superior tasting salads, meals, snacks, dressings and sauces that distinguish us from our competition.

Agricultural Supply

Our business depends on the supply, today and in the future, of farm products of only the highest quality. That’s why we support sustainable farming projects. It’s good for our business, helps the environment and can improve the lives of local farmers. Sourcing locally also helps reduce the amount of fuel required to transport ingredients and supports the local economy where our associates live and shop.

Environmental Policy

We only have one planet. So FiveStar is doing its part by focusing on reducing our energy and water use through a variety of programs. Our energy reduction efforts include investments in advanced freezing and cooling systems allowing us to improve and expedite our processes while reducing our total energy use. Changes in sanitation procedures have reduced our water consumption by 40% in the last two years.

Recycling Efforts

We encourage the use of recyclable materials for our own packaging needs as well as that of our suppliers, and currently recycle over 250 tons of packaging materials annually. FiveStar is a pioneer in innovative packaging. Our patented food containers are made from recycled plastic water bottles. In the past year we have removed the equivalent of over 63 million plastic bottles.

FiveStar proudly supports our community

All of our products and packaging are protected by copyrights, patents and trademarks.

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