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NEW Simply Fresh Salad Shakers — Flip, Snap & Shake!

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A brand new salad bowl design—for a better salad experience!

We designed a better salad bowl for you to easily mix and enjoy our salads anytime, anywhere—at work, home, at play and at school. In our new, patented bowl design, you can easily shake up our fresh salad greens, premium toppings and signature house-made dressings to evenly mix and distribute the dressing. No mess!

BEFORE Salad Shakers: Dressing sadness 🙁

You’d mix up your salad and try to distribute the dressing evenly (and hope you didn’t fling a tomato across your desk). We know—we’ve been there, done that.

AFTER Salad Shakers: Dressing on every bite! 🙂

Add your toppings and dressing. Flip, snap, shake and enjoy—watch the video to see it in action!

Check out all seven flavors of our Salad Shakers

What customers are saying...

Brilliant! Finally someone did this right, thank you!

The salads are so good, I love them. And I'm taking them to work every day—I might even be losing weight too!

I can't believe I'm saying this but it's true, there really is dressing on every bite.

This salad is so good, and it's so easy for me to eat it at work. I really love the shaking!!

My high school kid loves these salad shakers, and he's so picky about what he eats! I'll keep buying them for him.

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